As a Labrat you'll explore methodologies and approach problems differently leading you to solve them in new and innovative ways. All in 5 days.

Why take part?

As much as lectures and coursework teach you specific “how to” practical skills, the experience you’ll gain from from working in a real, live studio will teach you the essential soft-skills that you’ll need to excel, but in in a more condensed format than a gap-year or internship alongside your studies.

We are offering 6 driven students the opportunity to come into our studio to learn and focus on getting to a tangible result ridiculously fast using current the blueprint set out by Google Ventures.

You’ll learn how to unpack and solve any problem you are presented with as well as how to prototype, conduct user tests and iterate an idea using simple UX and development techniques and frameworks.

Is it for me?

Problem Solvers

We’re actively looking for Designers and developers. But this is open to all students of all courses. You could come from Marketing, Business, even the Biomedical Science department, all you need is the drive to innovate and create things.

Team players

The aim here isn’t to find the students with the most talent, but to find those who show the passion and enthusiasm to take on 5 days of intense learning.

If you have your heart set on working in a team you’ve made, ask your lecturer to contact us.


There are only 6 places up for grabs, so we’ll set up an interview with you see if you’re truly motivated

What are the previous Labrats saying

Meet the team

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Matt Jackson

Course Director and Lead Designer of Etch's Behavioural Design team

The focus of Matt’s work lies in the conception, design and development of digital experiences here at Etch, employing simple and elegant solutions to design problems. Back home in Wales, he’s considered the most highly regarded Macaroni Cheese connoisseur.


Tom Frame

Managing Director for Etch UK

Digital strategist, User Centred Design advocate – always leads with the question; ‘Why?’ (Normally proceeded with “what are we actually trying to achieve”). Ensuring that everything we deliver has a reason, been well thought out and can be related back to the original question.

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